HP PageWide Enterprise Color MFP Managed E58650 — Load paper to Tray 3

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Clear paper jams
  • Clear jams in the print zone
  • Clear jams in the document feeder
  • Clear jams in the left door
  • Clear jams in Tray 1 (multipurpose tray)
  • Clear jams in Tray 2
  • Clear jams in Tray 3 (accessory)
  • Clear jams in the 3 x 500-sheet feeder
  • Clear jams in the ink-collection unit area
  • Clear jams in the output bin
  • Make a copy
  • Copy or scan both sides of an ID card
  • Copy or scan pages from books or other bound documents
  • Copy or scan a document into a booklet format
  • Copy on both sides
  • Copy mixed-size documents
  • Reduce or enlarge a copy image
  • Setting paper size and type for copying on special paper
  • Copy a photo
  • Collate a copy job
Customer self-repair (CSR) parts
  • Removal and replacement: Ink cartridges
  • Send a fax
  • Create and manage fax speed dial lists
  • User Guide
Load trays
  • Load paper to Tray 1 (multi-purpose tray)
  • Load paper to Tray 2
  • Load paper to Tray 3
  • Load paper to the 3 x 500-sheet paper feeder
Maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Check the scanner glass for dirt and smudges
  • Clean the pickup rollers and separation pad in the document feeder
  • Print from a USB flash drive
  • Print product reports
  • Configuring printer tray settings
  • Store print jobs on the printer to print later or print privately
Print (Windows)
  • Selecting the paper type Windows
  • Scan to USB Drive
  • Send a scanned document to a folder in the printer memory
  • Scan and send to network folder
  • Scan and send to email

Load paper to Tray 3

  1. Open the tray.


    Do not open this tray while it is in use.

    Open the tray
  2. Before loading paper, adjust the paper-width guides by squeezing the adjustment latches and sliding the guides to the size of the paper being used. The edge of the tray guide should line up exactly with the marking on the tray.

    Adjust the guides
  3. Adjust the paper-length guide by squeezing the adjustment latch and sliding the guide to the size of the paper being used.

    Adjust the guides
  4. Load paper into the tray. Check the paper to verify the guides lightly touch the stack, but do not bend it. For information about how to orient the paper, see .


    To prevent jams, adjust the paper guides to the correct size and do not overfill the tray. Be sure that the top of the stack is below the tray full indicator.

    Load paper
  5. Close the tray.

    Close the tray