HP LaserJet Managed MFP E52645 — Staple cartridge (MFP M527)

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Clean the printer
  • Check the scanner glass for dirt and smudges
  • Clean the pickup rollers and separation pad in the document feeder
Clear paper jams
  • Clear paper jams in Tray 1
  • Clear paper jams in Tray 2 and the 550-sheet trays
  • Clear paper jams in the document feeder (MFP M527 models only)
  • Clear paper jams in the toner-cartridge area
  • Clear paper jams in the rear door and the fuser area
  • Clear paper jams in the output bin
  • Clear paper jams in the duplexer
Customer self-repair (CSR) A parts and assemblies
  • Toner Cartridge
  • Staple cartridge (MFP M527)
  • User Guide
Product views
  • Control panel poster
Set up and configure
  • Load the trays
  1. NOTE:

    MFP M527c, f and z models only.

    1. Open the stapler door.

      Open the stapler door

      Open the stapler door
    2. Pull the staple cartridge straight out of the printer to remove it.

      Remove the staple cartridge

      Remove the staple cartridge
  2. Unpack the replacement part from the packaging.



    HP recommends responsible disposal of the defective part.

    Recycle and unpack

    Recycle and unpack
    1. Push the staple cartridge straight into the printer to install it.

      Install the staple cartridge

      Install the staple cartridge
    2. Close the stapler door.

      Close the stapler door

      Close the stapler door