Print (Windows) — Print from a USB flash drive

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Print (Windows)
  • Create a booklet (Windows)
  • Create a stored job (Windows)
  • How to create and use watermarks when printing (Windows)
  • Print multiple pages per sheet (Windows)
  • Print the first or last page on different paper (Windows)
  • Select the paper size (Windows)
  • Create a booklet (Windows)
  • Configuring printer/paper tray settings
  • Print from a USB flash drive
  • Print product reports
  • Selecting the paper type (Windows)
  • Configure hole punch settings from the automatic document feeder on a finisher accessory
  • Print a brochure from Windows using a booklet finisher
  • Print with alternate page orientation
  • Staple a print job from Windows on HP LaserJet printers with an in-line stapler